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Weddings By L’Aruge Couture

  Weddings and More by L’Aruge. Beautifying the people, Uplifting the Culture     Our classy Moslem Bride Adeola Sekinat, Rocking it in her beautiful

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Understanding your woman..Why she doesnt want to get frisky.

-Understanding your Woman Series 1   #FOR THE MEN ONLY   The best lover is one who can unselfishly delay his own gratification in trying

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Naija Shawarma Fever!!

Ingredients for Nigerian Chicken Shawarma This makes about 6+ large Shawarma wraps *2 Chicken breasts(de-boned/boneless) *2 Chicken Thighs(a.k.a Chicken laps)(de-boned/boneless)(You can also use de-boned/boneless beef

June 24, 2014 food & recipe
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The Bestman Holiday

  when the college buddies decide to reunite after 15 years of being apart and keeping in touch somewhat partially. The friends come together over

June 24, 2014 R Movies, R Stories
cont 0 Contact lenses and your eyes Overall Score

Contact lenses and your eyes

                In the recent times, so many people are taking advantage of contact lenses because of the portability and

June 24, 2014 health & wellness, R HEALTH

HIV Awareness from the STREETS of Lagos

HIV?   AIDS? Sexually Transmitted infections (STI) or Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) are infections of diseases that are spread from one individual to another through

May 16, 2014 health & wellness, R HEALTH
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The Dreaded Discharge? ?…… Candida Albicans

CANDIDA ALBICANS The silent kilker. Candida Albican Is a growing health issue amongst women and girls, giving rise to lots of hospital visits.  Candida Albicans

March 06, 2014 health & wellness, R HEALTH
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